New to Nashville Film Institute?

NFI is a demanding school where standards of excellence are the norm; where students have the opportunity to gain the academic, artistic, business and technical expertise needed for achievement and success.

At NFI we take the time to interview and get to know each person who applies to our school. Those selected for admissions to NFI demonstrate a strong passion for their industry of choice, a willingness to make sacrifices to achieve their dreams, and the courage to take the action needed to turn their dreams into reality.

Admissions Requirements

Cinema Production Program (Diploma): 

High school graduation or equivalent, 18 years old. Full time students are expected to complete 16 hours per week of class lecture time, and 10 hours per week hands-on time. Classes are Monday-Thursday on the NFI campus. Hands-on time and location depends on the project. 


Short Courses / Summer Programs: 

16-18 years old. Classes are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. Students should allocate additional time if required to complete projects.

International Students

Please read this important information about overseas representatives.

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