Apple Box – Everything You Need To Know

Apple boxes are wooden boxes or crates with holes on either end primarily utilized in film production. These boxes are department-specific and should not be mistaken with plain crates, other boxes, or apple boxes.


Uses of Apple Box

Apple boxes are one of the most common and important pieces of equipment on set and are used to hold up or support anything that needs a source of support. They are utilized to prop up furniture and light stands, level camera dolly tracks, and create temporary seats, workbenches, and stepladders.

The need to make an actor appear taller frequently arises due to their height or to fit the composition of a particular shot. In this context, apple boxes are colloquially referred to as “man creators.” Initially, film units used apple boxes for storage. They would have a front entrance in the box, double as a storage device for small necessities.

Video: Uses of Apple Box

Different Sizes of Apple Boxes

There are four different sizes of apple boxes: full, half, quarter, and pancake. The dimensions are very typical in the industry. For example, the whole apple of a west coast production firm will be the same size as an east coast studio’s entire apple.

Full Apple Box (20″×12″×8″) – The usual dimensions of the Full Apple Box with its three sides are 20″ x 12″ x 8″.

Image Source: Samys

Full Apple Box

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Half Apple Box (20″×12″×4″) – The Half Apple Box has the exact first two dimensions as a whole apple box, but its shorter side is just 4 inches long.

Image Source: Amazon

Half Apple Box

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Quarter Apple Box (20″×12″×2″) – The Quarter Apple Box has the same long side proportions as the full and half apple boxes, but only 2 inches on the ‘first’ side.

Image Source: ImageCraft Productions

Quarter Apple Box

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Pancake (20″×12″×1″) – A Pancake or “Eighth” Apple Box has the same 20″ by 12″ dimensions as a regular Apple Box, but its third side is only 1″.

Image Source: Nashville Gear Rental

Set of all Apple Box

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Mini Apple Boxes

  • Mini apple box (10″×12″×8″)
  • Mini half (10″×12″×4″)
  • Mini quarter (10″×12″×2″)
  • Mini pancake/eighth (10″×12″×1″)


Placements of Apple Box 

First Side: The lowest position when arranging a full apple box measuring 8 inches in height is on the first side.

Second side: A whole apple measuring 12 inches high is positioned in a medium height.

Third side:This is the highest position available when placing the complete 20-inch-high apple box.

When a grip is setting an apple box, others are frequently lifting something heavy to place on top of it, necessitating the creation of phrases defining the proper placement of the apple box (i.e., you should position which side of the apple box face-down). Unfortunately, these phrases are rarely used for anything other than a “whole apple.”

New York or “A”: The apple box is positioned to be the tallest, 20″ tall, as the tallest buildings in New York.

Texas/Chicago or “B”: The apple box is positioned such that it is 12″ high and rests on its longest thin side.

Los Angeles or “C”: The apple box is in its flattest position standing at 8” tall.

Apple Boxes

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Stacks of apple boxes may be found in most video production and film facilities. They can generally be placed in the far corner. They are chipped and painted over time, indicating years of usage and abuse. An Apple Box is tough, trustworthy, and long-lasting. It is a fantastic tool for creating.


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