BeReal – Everything You Need To Know

BeReal is a French social media app developed by Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau and released in 2020. This is a photo-sharing social media platform where the users can post one photo daily and enable their followers to see them in real time without any filters. The app gained popularity in early 2022 and spread widely on college campuses due to its ambassador program. As of August 2022, the application has daily active users of over 10 million and monthly users of over 21.6 million. The BeReal app focuses on originality and asks the users to be authentic.

Image Credits: BeReal

What BeReal Serves?

“BeReal: Your Friends For Real” is celebrated widely by people in Europe and the U.S. A social network purely designed for sharing photos, it has taken up Gen Z and beyond suggesting, “be real” or with the pun “be reel.”

Interestingly, the name BeReal is a “double entendre,” meaning a particular way of speech or wording with a double meaning, where one is of obvious significance, and the other carries a message that can be socially offensive or awkward. The app’s primary use is to make the users upload unfiltered photos daily. So, the primary idea behind the app is to encourage users to share realistic shots that are not filtered or curated like those with apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Snapchat.

Image Credits: BeReal

How BeReal works?

The BeReal app works rather interestingly by notifying the users once a day at a random time, saying,” Time to BeReal.” A two-minute window is opened to post a real-time picture of what the users are currently doing. The images automatically disappear after 24 hours.

Image Credits: BeReal

The primary purpose is to capture natural, unfiltered shots of the user’s real life with so many filters and photoshops ruling our lives. Also, if the users are late, they will be allowed to see the other users’ photos once they post. Once posted, the users access the Discover section of the app. The users can retake their pictures any number of times, and the app shows the number of times they tried to take the perfect shot of their BeReal image. Notably, there is no “like” option in the app. Instead, one can react to a post with their RealMoji or a selfie that mimics an emoji. The app does not allow filters, edit buttons, and videos and does not display follower counts or ads.

Image Credits: BeReal

What Happens If You Are Late on BeReal?

So, what happens if you miss the two-minute window? Just NOTHING. All that happens is that you miss seeing the friend’s BeReal moments from the missed two-minute window.

Image Credits: BeReal

Image Credits: BeReal

Is the BeReal App Safe?

The app has gained popularity, yet it has significant privacy issues. The below comes as an issue when looked closer. The BeReal app can do anything it wants with the photos and reuse them in any form for 30 years. The app can also use real-time images in ad campaigns, videos, or promotional stuff. That being said, young users risk posting their photos without realizing the future consequences. While engrossed in the app, one might reveal things that are meant to be something other than what is shown. The posts in the app disclose information like the user’s location, personal information, or anything related to work. The app’s unfiltered and no-edit feature enables you to share things you need not share.

Another essential feature of the app is that it uses forward and reverse-facing cameras to capture the moments in the background. Anyone can end up sharing sensitive information without opting to do so. However, the app’s primary focus is on the users’ privacy.

BeReal calls itself a “hosting company,” which means the app does not hold any responsibility for the content posted on it. The app is just a platform for users to post their content or images. Hence, this can become an easy tool for hate speech and other disturbing content.
BeReal does not turn off the geolocation feature by default. Hence, the users are recommended to turn off their location while posting their real-time photos. The app shares the area, which can be misused anytime for stalking or profiling.

Notably, the app uses third-party cookies. The advertisers can track the user and share the data for their promotional activities. However, this has become common across the internet. Yet, the question is, “Do we need to share so much about ourselves with the world?”

How Does BeReal Make Money?

BeReal does not display advertisements to bring revenue; the only money they have made is through investments. They have no subscription or in-app advertisements. The income is from external investors, just like in any startup.

How Many Have Installed the BeReal App?

BeReal has been installed over 53 million times worldwide as of October 2022. This is a notable increase from April 2022, when people downloaded only 7.67 million times. As per the available data, there had been a significant increase from 20 million times in July and 28 million times in August to the present numbers in October.

What Are the Countries With BeReal Users?

The BeReal app is available in most European nations and the United States of America. As of April 2022, it is the 10th most popular app in the United States. Again, it is the 5th most popular app in Spain as of Feb 2022.

What are the language options in BeReal?

BeReal is available in:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • German
  • Simple Chinese

Can the Notification Time Be Changed on BeReal?

No, you cannot change the BeReal notification time. This isn’t the app you look for any control. The users cannot change the time by themselves and must be accurate on the app.

How to Add Friends in the BeReal App?

When you open the app, click the icon of human images on the left side. There will be three options Suggestions, Friends, and Requests. Go to suggestions, and you will get a list of profiles who are known to you or your mutual friends. Now, add them by clicking “add,” next to their profile and name.

Can the Companies Display Ads on BeReal?

No, the companies cannot advertise on the app. The terms and conditions clearly explain that the app is not used for commercial and promotional purposes.

How Much is a Single User Worth to BeReal?

Based on the number of users presently on BeReal, each daily active user is worth around 100 dollars.

Who are the Competitors of BeReal?

The present top competitors of BeReal are:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Gas

What is the Actual Worth of BeReal?

The BeReal app is currently valued at $600 million. Look at the below table for the data.

DateBeReal Company Value
June 2021$30 Million
August 2022$600 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the BeReal app founded?

The BeReal app was founded in December 2019.

Is the BeReal app private and safe?

The post on the app is shared only with friends. However, the posts can be made public on the Discover Timeline.

How do I sign up on BeReal?

The app is available on the Apple Store or Google Play.

Who invented BeReal?

Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau invented the BeReal app in France.

Who owns the BeReal app?

The BeReal app is owned by its current founders.

How much money did the BeReal appraise?

The app raised $60 million earlier this year with a valuation of $587 million.

When did the BeReal app reach no.1 on the App Store?

On July 25th, 2022, the BeReal app reached the no.1 spot on the iOS App Store and remained there until September 14th, 2022.

Final Thoughts

BeReal is a social media app founded in December 2019 and released in 2020. The application focuses on the actual content and users’ photos that are not filtered or curated. While the app’s competitors, like TikTok and Instagram, allow a more filtered platform, BeReal asks the users to post real-time pictures and content without filters. As a result, the app has gained massive popularity across Europe and the United States. However, the app’s privacy policies, too, are unfiltered and possess risks.


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