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Acting for the camera classes at nashville film Institute

ACTING FOR THE CAMERA is an accredited avocational course designed by Nashville Film Institute to help you learn the camera and acting skills required to grab an audience. It takes the talent you already have and teaches you how to focus it to make the most impact, both in person and through the lens.

What makes NFI’s acting for the camera course even more unique is that it can benefit a broad array of people, not just professional actors. Acting — presenting to camera and to an audience — is a powerful skill that nearly everyone can use. NFI’s acting program is design to improve the skills of everyone who has an interest, need, or calling for acting.

Even for experienced actors, refining this foundation — the ability to truly engage an audience,  some might call it the X-factor — is key. Whether front of a small group, a theatre audience, or the intimidating and lonely glare of a single camera lens — it’s a life-long skill that can help you in countless ways.

Interactive. Challenging. Focussed.

You will transform yourself in this program.

Your acting will not be good until it is only yours. That’s true of music, acting, anything creative. You work until finally nobody is acting like you.

Our acting program is focused on the Meisner Technique taught by Micah Ellars and guest instructors including Raul Torres. He is a Meisner trained actor and director whose goal is always revealing you the keys inside you to unlock your action genius. He has worked in film, TV, commercial music videos and has a wide range of experience to draw from. What is unique about his teaching ability is that he is an award winner director himself, so he knows how to cater his lessons towards a more cinematic style that will make you the type of actor that directors will love to work with on set.

Module topics

NFI’s Acting For The Camera program is broken into three distinct modules. Each module is four weeks long. Classes are taught Friday evenings and over the weekend to fit virtually anyone’s schedule. You can register for any module and take them in any order, but the modules are designed so that one leads leads to the next. If someone wants to take just module 2 or just module 3, you can do so, but prior to enrolling an applicant who wished to skip a module needs to audition to demonstrate they have the skills and ability necessary to be successful starting in a more advanced module.


Basic Acting Class

⚬ Voice and Speech 1
⚬ Improvisation
⚬ Film Genres and History
⚬ Introduction to the Camera for Actors
⚬ Meisner Technique 1
⚬ Movement for Actors 1
⚬ Voice and Speech 2
⚬ Meisner Technique 2
⚬ Movement for Actors 2
⚬ Actors Lab 1
⚬ Actors Lab 2
⚬ Professional Internship


Intermediate Acting Class

⚬ Actors Lab 3
⚬ Actors Comedy Workshop
⚬ Process for the Camera
⚬ Scene Study for Film and Television 1
⚬ Research, Rehearsal and Performance
⚬ Acting as a Personal Business
⚬ Audition Technique 1
⚬ Scene study for Film and Television 2
⚬ Physical and Vocal Dynamics
⚬ Audition Technique 2
⚬ Acting in Commercials and Voice-Overs
⚬ Web Video for Actors


Advanced Acting Class

⚬ Sketch Comedy for Performance
⚬ Performance Improve
⚬ Stand-Up Comedy for Actors
⚬ Michael Chekhov Technique for Actors
⚬ Advanced Voice-Over
⚬ The Physically Expressive Actor
⚬ Combat for the Camera
⚬ The Intuitive Actor
⚬ Dialects
⚬ Suzuki Training
⚬ Hosting



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