Espoir Umurihano
Arrived at NFI from Democratic Republic of Congo
(photo w/ R. Madhavan @ NFI)

My name is Espoir Umurihano and I’m from Democratic Republic of Congo. To be more specific, in the Province of South-Kivu, an actual territory of Minembwe.

I wanted to share an anecdote that changed my perception towards life. During my undergraduate studies, I was studying general education subjects, but wasn’t really digging it. I had an intense chat with my guidance counselor who had asked me to think about what my passion is and what I really want to do.

Post that conversation, that weekend, I happened to watch  the movie titled “3 Idiots’ for the fourth time ( This movie also has my favourite bollywood actor –  Aamir Khan ( There is one particular scene from that movie that really impacted me. The scene where actor R.Madhavan, an engineering student having a passion for wildlife photography convinces his conservative dad by beautifully explaining the difference between passion vs money and how pursuing passion leads to greater meaning for life and happiness.

This scene was an eye opener into my life and inspired me to quit my undergraduate studies and join film school to pursue filmmaking. The best part of this story is the fact that not in my wildest dreams, could I imagine meeting one of the lead actors from the same movie – Mr R.Madhavan in real life at NFI.

Fun fact – Netflix ratings most watched movies during COVID 19 includes 3 Idiots in its top 10.