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The GI Bill® can cover both living expenses and the cost of tuition. The NFI program is approved by the Tennessee State Agency for training veterans and their eligible dependents. Our program is Post 9/11 GI Bill® and Vocational Rehab eligible for those who qualify.

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GI bill®

Disabled Veteran Benefits Resource

Josh Lockard, Alumni, Veteran

“I came to NFI a single father of two girls, and a veteran of the armed services with a passion for film, writing, and dreams of bringing my own story to life. NFI gave me the knowledge, confidence, and fuel to ignite my passion; the instructors at NFI are educated, and trained in their field with more than just a diploma but real-life experience that they pass along to the students. The staff is hands on, personable, and friendly. I graduated from NFI with more than just a degree, I graduated with a family of creatives that I have the honor of working with”

More than 30% of our students are military veterans.

(Source: 2016 Enrollment Statistics)

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