How to Get Twitter Followers? Everything You Need To Know

How to get followers on Twitter? The question is oft-asked, but the response is not always satisfactory. However, with our guide on how to get followers on Twitter, you will be able to garner followers on your Twitter account with relative ease. Twitter has progressed. 

Brands may now wow their audience with creative GIFs, story-like threads, and Twitter discussions, which were formerly the domain of witty one-liners and quick comebacks.

How to Increase Twitter Followers?

Importance of Twitter Follower Count

Twitter may not have as many users as YouTube or Facebook, but it speaks to a professional audience like no other.

As with many other social media platforms, the number of followers is essential because of:

  • Credibility
  • Authority
  • Organic reach

People are more likely to interact and follow accounts with a large following. They are more likely to see your material in their timeline because Twitter prioritizes posts from accounts with many followers over those with few followers.

Keeping it another way, you need followers to attract followers, which sounds like a catch-22. But do not worry; with these expert suggestions, you can quickly gain followers.

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How to Get Followers on Twitter?

Create a Distinct and Captivating Brand Voice

Nothing is more vital than finding your voice on social media. So before you create your Twitter account, do some research on your brand’s voice. We are talking about audience personas, brand messaging, and brand vision.

How to Use Twitter for Your Online Business | The Journey

All of this will assist you in carving out a market niche that people want to be a part of. For ideas, go to the American fast-food chain Domino’s.

Complete Twitter Profile

Your Twitter profile can be found in the app and through search engines such as Google. Fill out your profile like a pro if you want to increase your chances of being seen by prospective new followers. Make sure it includes:

  • A high-resolution profile picture
  • Tags, keywords, and location information that are relevant
  • A touch of individuality

How to create the PERFECT TWITTER PROFILE | Twitter Profile Tips

Take a page from PlayStation’s playbook. The profile of the worldwide gaming corporation includes common name variations (e.g., PS4, PS5, PS VR), a branded profile photograph, and clear geographical information.

Get Verified

Twitter verification has been reinstated! After a brief hiatus in 2017, Twitter has resumed account verification.

Twitter Verification: How To Get Verified On Twitter In 2022

Users who get their accounts verified will see a blue tick on their profile, showing that they are legitimate businesses.

Image Source: Twitter

Post Visually Pleasing Content

There is now a sea of visual content where there was formerly only text and emoticons. On Twitter, 97 percent of users pay attention to images.  As a result, it is good to include them in your content calendar. Use the following:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Memes
  • GIFs
  • Infographics
  • Graphic quotes

The 280-character limit on Twitter does not apply to images. In other words, a visual post can communicate a lot more than a text-only message.

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Gain Followers on Twitter With Images & Emojis – Tips

Start Study Tweets

Creating unique social media content that combines art and science. You will gain a sense of the art and express the science in a convenient list.

The best-performing tweets, according to Twitter:

  • Include 1-2 hashtags.
  • Are you a conversationalist?
  • Are they brief and sweet? (Tweets under 140 characters still perform best)
  • Make use of visual content
  • Analytics are used to test and fine-tune them.
  • Respond to current events and popular topics.

Navigate to the Trends area of Twitter’s Explore tab to find Twitter trends.



According to studies, Mondays and Thursdays at 8 a.m. are the most incredible times to Tweet. If you are just getting started, your best bet is to post at these hours regularly.

You will have enough data after 30 days to use Hootsuite’s Best Time to Publish function to determine the best publishing times for current and potential new followers.

Stay up-to-date

To stay updated about new features, keep an eye on Twitter’s announcements. For example, have you heard of Twitter’s live audio chat tool, Spaces, which debuted in 2021? You can miss out on the most recent brand marketing possibilities if you do not.

Follow @Twitter on Twitter for updates on new features like Spaces and Tweet Takes.

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Use of Hashtags

Hashtags on Twitter make your postings searchable, making them accessible to people who are not currently following your business. As a result, including hashtags in your postings is a quick method to reach out to new people.

According to Twitter, each tweet should have 1-2 hashtags. Just make sure they are timely and, if feasible, tied to a more significant trend like #FridayVibes.

How To Use Hashtags On Twitter

Use Emojis

A well-placed winking face could help your tweet stand out in a sea of text-only tweets. Color attracts people, especially the yellow/red combination found in many facial emojis.

How To Add an Emoji Into Your Twitter Name

So, to help your Tweet stand out in your audience’s timelines, use a relevant emoji or two. The more people who see your Tweets, the more followers you will get.

Twitter Threads

You should start a Twitter thread if you have a tale to tell that is longer than 280 characters.

A thread is a collection of Tweets related in a logical order. The ‘Tweet number/total number of Tweets in thread’ terminology is used by Twitter to identify a thread, e.g., 1/6, 2/6, 3/6.

How to Create a Twitter Thread

People enjoy a good tale, but having several Tweets means having multiple chances to be seen.

Select the + icon after you have composed your first Tweet to start a thread, and Twitter will number it for you once you have published it.

Image Source: Twitter


One of the best ways to gain followers when you are fresh to Twitter is to engage on the platform consistently. That means:

  • Keeping in touch with your current followers (answering comments, messages, etc.)
  • Tracking and responding to mentions of your brand
  • Keeping track of retweets and responding to them
  • Making comments on non-competitor accounts’ posts in your niche
  • Regularly liking posts, i.e., every day

The Twitter algorithm sees engagement as a sign that your account is active, which increases your visibility in the Twitter feed. You will also give your fans something to look forward to and put your name in front of individuals who already follow comparable accounts.

How to Effectively Use and Understand Twitter Analytics

Make Use of Twitter Lists

If the thought of managing all of those engagements makes your head spin, do not panic. You can utilize Twitter lists for this.

Twitter lists are named groups of users that you have organized. You can use them to plan out how you will spend your engagement time.

You may make a list of the following:

  • Competitors
  • Retweeters who retweet on a regular basis
  • Clients or customers
  • Brand evangelists
  • Important issues
  • Sources of information
  • Influencers in the industry
  • Participants in the Twitter chat
  • Leads and prospects

How to use Twitter Lists

Participate in Twitter Chats

When you do not have many followers, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to reach out to new people. Joining Twitter chats is one way to do so. On Twitter, these are public discussions centered on a specific issue. They happen at a set time, and the dialogue is monitored using a hashtag particular to the chat.

Twitter Chat Basics

Follow accounts in your niche to find related talks (but not competitors). Then, at the appropriate moment, look for the hashtag and publish your remarks to the discussion using the allocated hashtag.

Image Source: Twitter

Organize Your Own Twitter Chat

Try having your own Twitter conversation once you have amassed a few influential followers. Please give it a catchy name, like #HootChat, and stick to a structured Q&A style. Don’t forget to cross-promote your conversation on other social media channels.

Live Updates from an Event

If you attend industry-related events, use the event’s unique hashtag to tweet your experiences. You will share some intriguing information with your target audience, and you will be seen by event attendees and admirers, who may become your newest followers.

Be a Part of Twitter Communities

Communities are ongoing discussions and groups of Tweets centered on a common interest and hashtag, such as #MotivationMonday, #WednesdayWisdom, or #B2BContent.

Search competitor accounts for non-branded hashtags that they frequently use to find them.

Future of Twitter, Communities, and More

Find and Follow Regularly

Finding accounts in your niche and following them in the hopes that they would follow you back is all it takes.

However, do not ‘follow and run.’ Instead, take a few moments to like and comment on a few Tweets to avoid losing your efforts in the shuffle.

You can uncover relevant accounts by Googling industry hashtags and following accounts that use them frequently on Twitter’s Explore page.

Tag Other People and Brands

By tagging significant people and brands in your niche in your relevant content, you might gain favor with them. Are you experimenting with their goods, taking advantage of their promotion, or responding to one of their recent Tweets? Please inform them.

Just make sure it is not spammy.

How to Tag on Twitter

Pin Your Most Popular Tweet

A pinned post is shown at the top of your profile feed, before all other Tweets, even your most recent ones.

How To Pin Tweets On Twitter

A well-placed pinned post gives newcomers to your profile a reason to stay. As a result, utilize it to highlight your most recent promotion, best-performing Tweet, or most popular content article.

Image Source: Twitter

As your pinned Tweet is likely to be the first or second thing people see, make sure it is constantly updated.

Participate in Twitter Trends

Keep an eye on what is happening on Twitter by checking frequently:

  • Explore the most popular articles
  • Under the “Trends” tab, you’ll find content.
  • Posts made by competitors
  • Accounts of influencers

Post your take on a trend or a response to one. Include the trend’s hashtag in your post so that other trend followers may find it and follow you.

Image Source: Twitter


People will enthusiastically follow your Twitter and other accounts since Twitter is distinct from other social media sites.

Remind your Instagram followers to follow you on Twitter, and you might see an increase in followers.

How to Use Twitter Promote Mode

Insert Twitter Link

Even better: the email signatures of your staff. You can include your Twitter profile in newsletters, whitepapers, business cards, and take-out menus in all outbound communications.

Find Your Email Contacts on Twitter

Twitter will allow you to upload your email contacts. Follow them and interact with a few of their posts if they have accounts. They will be nine times out of 10. They have undoubtedly meant to find you on social media but have not gotten around to it.

Tweet, Tweet, and Tweet

All social media networks offer accounts that often post more fantastic air time. To put it another way, the more frequently you tweet, the more likely Twitter will show your updates to your followers.

Use a platform like Hootsuite to plan Tweets in advance and never miss a posting day, taking the strain off of remembering to publish at the exact times throughout the week.

Hit the Retweet Button for Yourself

Retweeting your finest Tweets will help them last longer. But not in an annoying way.

How To Retweet On Twitter In 2021

Retweet only evergreen, current content, or repurpose old content with hashtags like #ThrowbackThursdays. To quote past posts from your feed, use the Quote function.

Make Twitter Polls

Run a Twitter poll to increase engagement with your current followers. They are simple to make and run, and the most significant part is that they are free. People enjoy sending polls to their pals, giving you immediate visibility, and increasing the number of people who follow you on Twitter.

Image Source: Twitter

Post Offers, Sales, and Deals

People follow brands on Twitter for various reasons: to learn about sales and promotions. They are looking for freebies, exclusive content, the most recent products, and the best bargains. So give such benefits to them.

Image Source: Twitter

In these posts, use hashtags like #sale and #promotime. Many Twitter users use these hashtags to stay up to date on the best online deals.

How To Easily Increase Followers and Get Sales With Twitter Ads

Collaborate With Influencers

You may need to set aside some funds, depending on the influencer. But keep in mind that it isn’t just about mega-celebrities like the Kardashians. Micro-influencers, rather than well-known celebrities, can be more effective brand supporters.

How To Find Top influencers on Twitter

Search for micro-influencers using niche-specific keywords and scout the accounts publishing the most popular Tweets.

Promote Your Tweets

You will have to dig deep into your pockets for this one. We are discussing Twitter’s official advertising structure, after all.

While spending money on commercials may make your mouth water, it is a terrific method to get your followers started. It is much easier to get more after you have some, even organically.

How To Use Quick Promote On Twitter

Analyze with Twitter Analytics

It is all there: engagement, reach, and impressions. You can imitate and increase your own standard once you understand what success looks like for your audience.

Analyze Twitter activity with Twitter Analytics

Is Buying Twitter Followers a Good Decision?

Purchasing Twitter followers may appear to be a savvy way to save time. After all, you would only do it to get your account started, so you could concentrate on gaining actual followers. Is it, however, worth the risk?

Simply put, no!

To begin with, Twitter is aware of the game and actively looks out for and deletes bogus accounts. As the most paid-for Twitter followers are bot accounts, which leave a relatively distinct digital signature, it is not difficult for Twitter to track them down.

Second, engagement metrics are becoming increasingly crucial for Twitter (and all other social media platforms). Having many non-engaging followers (such as paid ones) will hurt your status with the platform’s algorithm.


Twitter is the most popular social media platform for interacting with your audience. According to the latest Sprout Social IndexTM, 50% of social consumers use Twitter regularly, and 30% want to see businesses use it more.

Twitter is perhaps the most accessible social media platform to build a follower base from zero. It is fast-paced and straightforward to utilize.