Shining a Light on Women in Film

The point is not to try and shine a light on the gender inequality that has been a constant thread since the inception of film — but instead to shine a light on the women and girls who make up the majority of moviegoers.

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Diving Into Production Design

With only a character, a genre, and a time period, student groups had two full class days to completely create their own sets. Each group sprang into action by going to thrift stores, prop rentals, asking friends and family, going anywhere to find resources they could build their sets out of. Not only did they have to reach that criteria, the students, when finished building, had to properly light their set using the school’s equipment. Whether it’s practical (available lighting) or staged.

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Comparing Film Schools: Things to Consider

Some film schools focus on application, and some focus more on the liberal arts aspects — actually filming vs. studying cinema and film history. All schools will do both, but make sure to ask for a full set of courses taught so that you can see what is the bulk of the training. And keep that in mind for yourself as well: Which type of school do you want to attend?

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