Reilly Farren
Arrived at NFI from Mahomet, Illinois.

I’m originally from Mahomet Illinois but I’ve called Nashville my home for about a year and a half now. Growing up I practically lived at the dance studio and did just about any artistic activity I had time for. Within the film industry my love for all things art continued to grow and I’ve found myself really enjoying set design, wardrobe, as well as makeup. One thing I didn’t anticipate enjoying as much as I did would be sound or any form of audio engineering. A large part of my most memorable moments took place in one of our 4 sound classes with Matt. Sound is something I would love to further understand and continue to gain knowledge of.

Matt Perkins (Sound Instructor) adds- “Reilly is a dedicated and driven individual who excels in many different areas. She uses her background in dance and art to inform her work within the film world.”